Eberron Gestalt

extracting the shards

As Crash works late into the night removing the shards from the wall he begins muttering to himself. Whether he is talking to Squeaker or just the air is unclear.

“Dhakaani… Dhakaani… Dhakaani… everything is Dhakaani… what’s that Crash, you’re looking at those weapons sorry they are Dhakaani… Oh I saw you look at that rock well stop it, its Dhakaani…. Good thing I don’t have to breath, they would probably tell me that the air was Dhakaani and to give that to them too…

‘ What is their obsession with this stuff, it’s not particularly well made. I mean that hammer is the nicest thing in here… that they have at least let me look at… but even it has flaws… Sure it can do some nice things but it’s completely unstable, I mean haven’t they every heard of feedback resonation insulators… Talk about primitive… no wonder their great culture died out

‘What good is always looking behind… it’s a sure way to walk into something… they should just accept that they failed and that their time is gone… the cogs keep rolling… gears keep ticking… springs coil and uncoil… its time for a new…”

Mid thought Crash emits a grunt like sound and jerks free the last crystal un hared from the wall.

“all done, now time to fairly share the treasure”

In the eyes of the beholder

Since nobody other than Illiya thought that we needed to stop for dinner after the battle, we continued onwards. We walked for what seemed like forever through the stone corridors until finally there was a light that was reminiscent of sunlight in a cavern up ahead. It had a magical feel to it, and shown with some sort of divine light, but wasn’t evil as far as we could tell. As we walked closer we found that there was some sort of glowing ball of light with a black smudge in the middle, that Turgold’s friend claimed is the shadow remnant of a hobgoblin who gave his life to close a rift between the Plane of Madness and the world of Ebberon. As we got closer, two transparent beings appeared, an Orc gatekeeper and a Dakkani hobgoblin who told us that they had been guarding the gate for 9000 years. They thought that we were their replacement.

After some talk it became clear that the minotaurs that we have been fighting have been using this portal from the plane of Madness as an route into the ruins of Kazzak Drahl and the Orc suggested a plan to seal the gates completely once more. It would cost he and the Dakkani their life essence, and we would need to protect them in the process. Those of us with magical abilities agreed to help perform the ritual, which the Orc did his best to explain to me but was somewhat confusing given that I have no training in the druidic traditions. He told me that I should seek out the gatekeepers since I would make a good one even if I am not a druid, and I shall, if only to share his heroic tale.

Finally, we were attacked, our ritual becoming a beacon which drew the forces from the plane of madness towards us. The minotaurs were a minor disturbance forsure, but it was the beholder who created the most havoc! I cannot help thinking back to my foretellings, most specifically the one which stated that the dark cave that I must go through was in the “eyes of the beholder”. I had thought that it was metaphor, but now there is a dead beholder at my feet and I wonder, is this a sign? While I finally find what I seek? Will I finally uncover the truth?

I must eat and egg and meditate on this some more.

Death to the Iron Golem

so after tearing down the shoddily constructed wall over a tunnel entrance we walked for a while, then rested. then walked some more. then we came across a really fascinating portal which one of the children said guarded the Forge of Something or Other. i really think Squeaker and i need to figure out how to make on of these. so it was pretty easy to bypass the lock and get the door open. where we subsequently got attacked by a large iron construct and some fire elementals. we quickly felled them do to their inferiority and claimed the forge as our own. and the Hammer of the Forge which the iron golem was wielding. the fleshlings all then went unconscious for a bit while i got time to study the forge. very fascinating.

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