Eberron Gestalt

extracting the shards

As Crash works late into the night removing the shards from the wall he begins muttering to himself. Whether he is talking to Squeaker or just the air is unclear.

“Dhakaani… Dhakaani… Dhakaani… everything is Dhakaani… what’s that Crash, you’re looking at those weapons sorry they are Dhakaani… Oh I saw you look at that rock well stop it, its Dhakaani…. Good thing I don’t have to breath, they would probably tell me that the air was Dhakaani and to give that to them too…

‘ What is their obsession with this stuff, it’s not particularly well made. I mean that hammer is the nicest thing in here… that they have at least let me look at… but even it has flaws… Sure it can do some nice things but it’s completely unstable, I mean haven’t they every heard of feedback resonation insulators… Talk about primitive… no wonder their great culture died out

‘What good is always looking behind… it’s a sure way to walk into something… they should just accept that they failed and that their time is gone… the cogs keep rolling… gears keep ticking… springs coil and uncoil… its time for a new…”

Mid thought Crash emits a grunt like sound and jerks free the last crystal un hared from the wall.

“all done, now time to fairly share the treasure”


CaPiCoPsYcHo exebache

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