Gwenith d'Orien


Fighter / Monk

Known Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Sun School, Rapid Stunning, Improved Trip, Elusive Target, Greater Dragonmark of Passage.


Gwen dresses in knee high boots and matching elbow length gloves. she wears short shirts that allow for the display of her dragonmark on the small of her back.
Gwen is a an heir of House Orien met by the players on the lighting rail trip from Sharn. The players smuggled a package for her across the Scion Sound and delivered it to a dwarf in the Mror Holds. The players encountered her again at the Dhakaani gala where she outbid on some black Dhakaani boots that Krista believes are cursed and also helped fight the warforged and skeletons from the portable hole.
The party met Gwen again on the “short bus”. Gwen was part of the group fighting to take over the vehicle. She attacked the PCs with nonleathal attacks and teleported away before the party could take her down. The party cut a deal with House Orien not to talk about Gwen’s involvement.

Gwenith d'Orien

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