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  • Marv

    Marv and the party first encountered each other in [[Xen'drik]]. The party killed Marv, twice, and scattered his body parts before realizing they could use fire to destroy the remains. They missed a hand, however, and by the time the party left the Temple …

  • Gwenith d'Orien

    Gwen dresses in knee high boots and matching elbow length gloves. she wears short shirts that allow for the display of her dragonmark on the small of her back. Gwen is a an heir of House Orien met by the players on the lighting rail trip from Sharn. The …

  • Victor St. Demian

    Victor was a former inquisitive in the employ of House Medani before he bacame a criminal mastermind. The players defeated him at the [[clocktower]]

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