Airship Crew
Command staff are listed in order of descending rank. Crew are listed likewise, by department. PCs other than Illia are not listed in the command structure.
Command Staff
Airship Captain – Illia
First Sergeant – Sarge (male Karrn dwarf fighter / marshal) longtime friend of the party
Second Sergeant – Ristof (male Sharn changling fighter / rouge), friend of Colonel Montoya
Deckmaster – Havill (male Lhazaar half-elf swash / bard) immigrant to Sharn, from Rank-and-File
First Healer – Pantari (female Kalashtar cleric / ? ) squatter at the clocktower
Chief Engineer – Tinker (neuter wafrorged artificer /?) Crash found in the Ashblack Cogs
Quartermaster – Sammi Deltir (female halfling ?) known employee of the Boromir Clan
Windfinder – Skylar (female shifter spirit shaman / ?) a student of Middle Menthis Councilor Hruit

Ship’s Guard (Led by Ristof)
Third Sergeant – Jansen (male Lhazaar human swashbuckler / rogue)
6 Privates (human and changlings)

Deck Crew (Led by Havill)
Assistant Deckmaster Jessica (female Lhazaar swashbuckler / rogue)
Groh (male hadozee shadbuckler / rogue) an ape-like humanoid
8 Others (human and half-elves)

Infirmary (Led by Pantari)
Medic (neuter warforged healer-combat medic / fighter) from the Cogs, worships Onotar
Sarah (female half-elf cleric/paladin) from Krista’s half-elves in Fallen

Engineering (led by Tinker)
Xavier (male Zil gnome artificer / bard)
[Unnamed Wafroged] (neuter warforged artificer / ?)

Quartermaster (led by Sammi Deltir)
4 assistants (male and female halflings)


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