Draconic Prophecy

Here is a listing of pieces of the prophecy the heroes have found so far.

The Little Ones must be loyal to more than themselves, or all will suffer.

The Defender and the Twin Bladed One must act as one, the sword and the shield of the same wielder.

The Godless Priestess and the Bard must act in harmony if they/she? are/is to gain wings.

If the Giant One does not protect the Rider and the other Little One, he too shall suffer.

The Rider must be true to more than his own Race, or his People will remain a shattered one.

If the Great Nation will rise again and regain the Lost Lands, the Twin Bladed One must serve/lead? with loyalty and courage tempered by the wisdom of the Godless Priestess.

The Godless Priestess’ best weapon is the Hammer of the Giant One and her best Shield is the body of the Defender.

At the proper time the actions of the Heroes can stop the Lord of Stone and Madness from ushering in an Age of pain and Shattered Lands.

If the Heroes find the stone of the angel beneath the City of the Great Nation they may see though the Eye of Fate, and it may see through them.

The Giant One may find the secret of his origin in the Shattered Halls of his ancestors, and the Method to Breed True.

If the Defender unsheathes his blade in fury it will sunder his enemy and himself alike in retribution.

The Heroes must pass the tests of wealth and poverty.

In order to fly you must enter the dark cave and return with the jewel of knowledge.

How can we free Content Not Found: Gwen? If the master’s collar is removed, the beast can choose it’s own path.

What would Content Not Found: Vishu do with the obelisk? He would spread madness like a fiery storm sweeping across a dry field.

Crash reminds everyone that this clearly has nothing to do with them. as they are obviously not mentioned once

Draconic Prophecy

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