Krista Sophia

Megan's Character


Cleric / Paladin /Rainbow Serpent

Immune to sleep, charm, poison, compulsion effects, disease and fear

Specials: Poison Bite, Domains (Celerity, Fate, Family and Good), Lucky 2/day, Smite 4/day (good aligned and Confirming), Detect Hostile Intent, Lay on Hands (60), Divine Grace, Hands of the Healer, Aura of Resolve, Aura of Courage. Good Aura, Turn Undead (Cleric 9, Paladin 9), paladin mount

Feats: Alertness, Uncanny Dodge, Augment Healing, Nimbus of Light, Spontaneous Casting, Improved Smite, Divine Maximize, Retrieve Spell

Items of Note: +1 Staff of Evil Outsider Bane, family necklace (spell focus), torq of retributive healing (3x per day), Siberys compass, 12 Wyvern’s Beard Tokens, holocaust cloak, 500g diamond dust, 4 short spears (silver (white), Bisheck (purple), anamantine (Black) and unknown (green)), Aspergillum of Perpetual Benediction (ibex drinking horn), ring of partial stone protection, Sarn’s armbands

Travels with a celestial ass named Shill.


The child of a half-elf mender Cleric and a stranger to her tribe, Krista Sophia has always been a little bit different. For one thing, she was born with a rainbow colored tattoo across her left check and right wrist. But it wasn’t until she started developing her natural paladin abilities that she was aware of exactly how different from the Menders she truly was. Ostracized by her people for abilities that they considered uncouth, she followed her destiny as she was directed by heading towards the metropolitan city of Sharn. In her travels she saved the large warforged Crash for certain death, and because he needed looking after, convinced him to accompany her on her quest.

Early in her Sharn adventures Krista recognized her calling a hero out of the legends, which has caused her to begin shining with a holy light. She befriended a pack of wayward blink dogs as well as a population of half elves living in the slum distinct of the city. Now her blink dog pack guards the half elves for her and she is working to make Sharn a safer place for all people, regardless or race or background.

Although Krista still identifies herself as one of the children of Khovaire, she has realized that it is her purpose to be something more. As she travels the world, she seeks out the downtrodden and encourages them to remember their roots, to cleave to the greatness that is within them all, to become. She also encourages great racial equality and understanding, and preaches peace.

Still, there is some indication that Krista’s own transformation is not complete. She dreams of rainbow serpents, and of flying, and lately has been craving eggs with an supernatural passion. She constantly gets the impression that other people know more about who she really is than she does, from her insane mother who checked her constantly for wings, to the elf Kaelis Tella who has made comments referencing Krista’s ability to fly. An aquatic elf in a small village in Xen’drik even accused her of being a snake, which made no sense to Krista at all. Still, the snake headed staff that she carries in her hand feels more right by the day, and she wears the family heirloom around her neck that scholars have identified as being a relic of ancient times.

She knows in her heart that it all comes back to her father, and whatever he was. On the what of that, her mother was always unclear. But somehow he changed in her acquaintance, and the change scarred her mind forever. Or was she already scarred? Krista is not certain that she will ever know for sure.

It all comes back to wings, and flight, Krista knows that much. Could it be that she is a dragon that has forgotten her wings?

Friends: Jimmy Glittergold from the Sharn Inquisitive, Content Not Found: Faela, Priestess of the Silver Flame, Malla of the Ketch Valar, Illiya her halfling drinking buddy and Turgled her sworn shield

Krista Sophia

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